Belize City in a Day


San Pedro, Belize


Belize City.

The capital of this small Central American country has more to offer than most people think. Though the majority of this article is focused on one of the city’s nearby islands, I’ve heard there is plenty of jungle, waterfalls, and ruins to discover all around. Check back when I’ve had the chance to check out the inland part of the country!


We happened to time our walk just right at sunset, but it makes a good stop any time of day - even just for the social media pic. Walk (or drive) down to the waterfront to take a shot in front of the large, multi-colored “BELIZE” sign to prove you’re where you checked in. We should probably call it more of a statue than a sign: each of the letters are larger than you are standing against the backdrop of the ocean.

San Pedro.

Hop onto one of the almost hourly water taxis to Caye Caulker into the city of San Pedro. You’ll want to purchase a roundtrip ticket at the window, and it’s likely the second (and last) stop on your taxi. Check out the local shops or grab a bite or beer before your boat ride which takes a little over an hour. Spend the day lying on the beach, walk around the island, or hire a golf cart to zip around before heading back… Or stay the night in a few of the islands beautiful beachfront accommodations.


Belize is home to the second largest reef outside the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. If you’re certified to dive, check out the amazing marine life along the reef or catch a ride out to the famous “Blue Hole.” Snorkeling is just as cool on the reef, and you can even stop to swim with nurse sharks - no cage. If that sounds terrifying to you, we get it, but they would really rather eat the fish nearby… just keep your arms close to your body and listen to the guides. Or stay on the boat, your choice, no judgement. Joe’s was super convenient, affordable, and friendly (most importantly) with our last minute-walk up style: great operation that’s been there for years.



We recommend grabbing a drink or some snacks at Sandbar after docking back at Joe’s across the “street”. They also have a very reasonable hostel with a great staff and quaint accommodations for all those on a tight budget. Very friendly staff and cool, laid-back vibe… exactly as you’d picture in this breezy island life.

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