Prague in a day.


Prague, Czech Republic

If there's anywhere in the world to make you feel as though you've just landed in a fairy tale, I would say it's Prague.  Really, this place is magical.  Between the story-book cover scenery and the castles to match, the cobblestones will never let you forget that you're treading on centuries of history.  

You could even find your own pair of glass slippers.  Look no further than the Czech Republic for some of the best crystal in the world, along with garnet, marionette puppets, and paintings of ballerinas.  Of course, if you're among those who prefer to frequent one of the many Absinthe shops, perhaps you will even see one of those fairies from your storybook setting!  Don your comfy shoes and enjoy one of my favorite cities in Europe.



Prague Castle.

Of course you must stop to visit Prague’s iconic, gothic castle.  Make sure to go before the entrance closes at 5p (varies by time of year - later in the summer). Depending on where you're staying, it's likely best to start here first and walk your way back downhill toward the city center. 


Strahov Monastatic Brewery.

It’s located near the castle... I haven't been yet but the next time I go I'll have to try Czech beer made by Czech monks!


Stephen's Bridge.

You can stop for fresh made juices and treats along the way while you walk down from the castle with picturesque views to cross over the river.  Feel free to take your time checking out the artists and street shops along the bridge as you walk into Old Town. 


The U Prince Hotel.

The best views of the center of Old Town are on this hotel’s rooftop bar, right next to the Astrological Clock Tower.  If you go early enough with a small party, you may have luck getting seated without a reservation. In the late summer months it's a bit trickier, but when you walk into the hotel simply take the front stairs straight up to the roof to find the hostess (there is also an elevator).


"Black Angels”.

This spot is located in the basement of U Prince hotel; you would have passed their lower staircase to your right as you walked up the stairs to the rooftop on your left.  Check out one of Europe's oldest and well-kept speakeasy before heading off to the clock tower, but please, no photography... there are signs posted warning that it's strictly forbidden.


Astronomical Clock Tower.

You got a bird's eye view from the U Prince but now you can take a look close up and personal.  I have not done the tour personally, but I imagine it’s a breathtaking trip through the world’s oldest working Astronomical clock tower from 1410 (and third oldest in history). Just beware the traffic of Segway tours and crowds in the summer while taking your photos. 


Cafe Imperial.

This savory spot is located in Hotel Imperial, just a short walk from Old Town.  The food is excellent and prepared by a Michelin star chef (I loved the goat cheese and lavender honey salad before my duck confit!).  The kitchen closes at 22:30 sharp; please call ahead maybe even a few days ahead for a reservation.


Hilton Prague Hotel.

This is a lovely hotel with a very nice, large rooftop bar which turns into more of a nightclub scene with “secret” entrances from the hotel guest floors.  I am often a fan of Hilton locales but the secret hallways certainly stood out for us.

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